3 less than 16 divided by a number s is 5

3 less than 16 divided by a number s is 5

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Solution 1

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3-16/a= 5
subtract 3-16
multiply both sides by a
flip the equation
5a= -13
divide both sides by 5
a= -2.6

check the equation

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Kristen has 64 coins in her bank. She has $9.25 in dimes and quarters. How many dimes and quarters does she have?
Solution 1
D= # of dimes
q= # of quarters

d + q= 64

0.10d + 0.25q= $9.25

multiply quantity equation by -0.10 to be able to eliminate the d term in step 2

(-0.10)(d + q)= (-0.10)(64)
-0.10d - 0.10q= -6.40

add equation from step 1 to cost equation to eliminate the d term and solve for q

0.10d + 0.25q= $9.25
-0.10d - 0.10q= -6.40

0.15q= 2.85
divide both sides by 0.15

q= 19 quarters

substitute q value in step 2 into either original equation to find d value

d + q= 64

d + 19= 64
subtract 19 from both sides

d= 45 dimes

0.10d + 0.25q= $9.25
0.10(45) + 0.25(19)= 9.25
4.50 + 4.75= 9.25
9.25= 9.25

ANSWER: There are 45 dimes and 19 quarters.

Hope this helps! :)
The dimensions of a rectangular playground are 50 times the dimensions of a scale drawing of the playground the area of the scale drawing is 6 feet what is the area of the actual playground
Solution 1
300 or 8,33333333 I hope one answer is correct and sorry if it’s wrong
What does it mean if the quotient times the divisor does not equal the dividend? What should you do?
Solution 1
Say just for a example, that you have 400 divided by 20. The correct answer is 20. But say that you got ten. You would say how many times can 20 go into 40? The answer would be twice. Then, you would say, how many times can 20 go into zero. The correct answer would be 0. you should go back to your work and check and ask yourself those problems and see if they match. Hope this helps!
Lydia brought 4 liters of lemonade to a picnic. She poured 160 millimeters of lemonade for each of her 2 friends and 215 millimeters for another friend. How much lemonade does Lydia have left
Solution 1
1 litre=1000mL so we know that 4x1000= 4000mL

Since she poured 160 mL for TWO friends


She then says that another friend has 215 mL of lemonade.

So that means

4000-320-215= 3465 mL

Therefore Lydia has 3465mL or 3.465L of lemonade left
The circumference of a circle is approximately 37.7 centimeters. Enter the radius of the circle, in centimeters. Round your answer to the nearest whole number.
Solution 1

The circumference of the circle is given as 2 \pi  r where  \pi  is a constant whose value is equal to 22/7 and r is the radius of the circle

From the given problem, we have the circumference =37.7

2 \pi  r = 37.7

2*22/7*r = 37.7

r = 37.7*7/(22*2)

r = 263.9/44

r = 5.99

r = 6cm

Radius = 6 centimeters (Rounded to nearest whole number)

Solution 2
37.7 = 2 x pi x r
18.85 = pi x r
r = 18.85/pi
r = 6

Hope this helps
The area of a circle is 452.39 ft^2 . Why would the diameter have to be?
Solution 1
I believe it would be 24ft.
Solution 2
Find the radius.

plug in the known numbers

452.39= (3.14)r^2
divide both sides by 3.14

452.39 ÷ 3.14= r^2

144.07= r^2
take the square root of 144.07 and r^2

12 feet= r

multiply radius by 2 to equal diameter

Diameter= Radius * 2
Diameter= 12 feet * 2
Diameter= 24 feet

ANSWER: The diameter would be 24 feet.

Hope this helps! :)
Which is a good comparison of the estimated sum and the actual sum of seven nines twelfth plus two and eleven twelfth
Solution 1
That will be 12×11=132. 7×9=63. 63×12=756. 756+2=758. actual sum = 758. estimated sum = 800
A square pyramid has a base side length of 8 feet. The height of each lateral face is 12 feet. What is the surface area of the pyramid
Solution 1
I am not sure but answer can be 1,5 or 96 and ir Can be wrong but ı am trying to help you
the student council set a goal of raising at least $500 in flower sales. so far it has raised $415 .write an inequality to show how many more dollars, d, the student council needs to reach its goal
Solution 1

Answer: 415+d\leq500

Step-by-step explanation:

Let d be the number of dollars needed by students council to reach its goal.

Given: The student council set a goal of raising at least ( less than or equal to ) $500 in flower sales.

Currently, the student council raised the amount = $415

Now, the inequality to show the number of more dollars, d, the student council needs to reach its goal is given by :-


Solution 2
415 + d ≥ 500

I believe that's the inequality since they want to raise a minimum of $500 so that means it can be more than $500. Hope I helped.
A computer store builds custom computers by allowing customers to choose 1 of 4 different CPUs, 1 of 8 hard drives, and 1 of 3 videos cards. How many different computers are possible?
Solution 1
There are 96 possible combinations.

The fundamental counting principle states that the number of total options is given by multiplying the number of possibilities for each option, or
Total choices = choices x choices x ...

4*3*8 = 96