Another development in social networking is the rise of __________, as

Another development in social networking is the rise of __________, as it uses internet-based messages to share information simultaneously with a large number of people.

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Another development in social networking is the rise of Twitter, as it uses internet-based messages to share information simultaneously with a large number of people. Twitter is online news and social networking site in which the users interact and post messages using known as "tweets".

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A crime that is similar to kidnapping but does not include the element of asportation is:
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The answer is false imprisonment. This happens when a man is limited in their own development inside any region without legitimization or assent. Genuine physical limitation isn't essential for false detainment to happen. False detainment is a custom-based law lawful offense and a tort. It applies to private and in addition legislative detainment. For confinement by the police, the demonstrating of false detainment is adequate to acquire a writ of habeas corpus.
Elise is learning about a wide range of issues relating to sexuality, including problems with sexual functioning, the sexual anatomy, sexually-transmitted infections, and sexual violence. she is learning about _______.
Solution 1
Sexual health is what elise is learning
Kenton, a 45-year-old man is warm and kind to everyone. he inspires trust in almost everyone around him. according to the "big five" model of personality factors, kenton displays _____.
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The answer is agreeableness. This is one of the five personality traits of the Big Five personality test. A man with an high state of this attribute in an identity test is generally warm, neighborly, and prudent. They by and large have an idealistic perspective of human instinct and coexist well with others.
When a researcher contacts a client after the client has had a chance to review the research report, this is referred to as a(n) _____?
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A written statement of a research study and its results is known as a _____.
c.field of experience
d.research report
D: Research reportThe sd.sWhich of the following is an element of a researchb.executive summaryc.body
d.all of these choices
D: All of these choicesWhich element of a research report should state the title of the report, for whom the report is prepared, by whom it was prepared, and the date of releases or presentation?
c.letter of transmittal
d.title page
D: Title pageFormal reports often include a(n) _____, which lists only the name of the report.
a.title fly page
b.executive summary
c.transmittal agreement
d.blind title page
A: Title fly pageA researcher is writing a letter to include after the title page of a research report. The purpose of this letter is to release or deliver the report to the client rather than provide detailed information of the research findings. This letter is called the _____.
a.letter of authorization
b.letter of transmittal
c.introductory letter
d.formality letter
B: Letter of transmittalThe document to the researcher that approves the project, details who has responsibility for it, an describes the resources available to support it is called the _____.
a.letter of authorization
b.letter of transmittal
c.introductory letter
d.formality letter
A: Letter of authorizationThe last thing that should be written in a research report is the _____.
b.results section
A: SummaryAll of the following are elements of the executive summary of a research report EXCEPT _____.
a.recommendations, or suggestions for action, based on the conclusions
b.objective of the report
c.the methodology and the major results
d.detailed charts and tables with results
D: Detailed charts and tables with resultsThe specific objectives of the research report should be presented in the _____.
B: IntroductionAll of the following are included in the research methodology section of a research report EXCEPT _____.
a.results collection and fieldwork
c.sample design
A: ResultsWhich aspect of the research methodology section of the research report should include an explanation of whether the research was exploratory, descriptive, or causal?
sample design
research design
data collection
B: Research designThe findings of the study should be presented in the ________ section.
d.research methodology
A: ResultsIn the research report, the "suggestions for actions that should be taken" appears in which section of the report?
a.title page
c.conclusions and recommendations
C: Conclusions and recommendationsIn which section of the research report should comprehensive or detailed charts be placed?
c.executive summary
D: appendixJan has several very detailed and complex charts of results from a six-month research study. She created them mainly for justification of some of the recommendations she plans on making to the client, but they are not necessary for understanding the research project's results, in general. Where should Jan place these charts in the research report?
a.executive summary
d.methodology section
C: AppendixWhen a researcher uses pictures, tables, or charts to clarify complex points or emphasize a message in a research report, he or she is using _____.
a.verbal elements
b.medium elements
c.graphic aids
C: Graphic aidsAll of the following are elements of tables EXCEPT _____.
a.source notes
d.explanatory legends
D: Explanatory legendsWhich of the following contain the captions for the rows of a table?
c.source notes
D: StubheadsIn which type of chart do the slices represent a percentage of the whole? chart
b.line chart
c.column chart
d.pie chart
D: Pie ChartIn a typical line graph, the ______ variable is shown on the vertical y-axis and the ______ variable is shown on the horizontal x-axis.
a.dependent; independent
b.ratio; nominal
c.independent; dependent
d.primary; secondary
A: Dependent; independentIn the typical bar chart, the ______ variable is plotted on the vertical y-axis while the ______ variable is plotted on the horizontal x-axis.
a.independent; dependent
b.nominal; interval
c.dependent; independent
d.ratio; ordinal
C: Dependent; independentA researcher wants to show the number of brands of e-readers sold (e.g., Kindle, Nook, etc.) by year for a three-year period. Which type of chart is best to communicate this information?
a.pie chart
b.line chart
c.simple bar chart
d.multiple-bar chart
D: Multiple-bar ch
Yesterday i was going to make a salad. when i took the lettuce out of the fridge it was completely wilted! being a thrifty person, i did not toss the lettuce in the garbage i decided to revive it! i placed the lettuce in a bowl of pure cool water and put it back in the fridge. what is the most likely result of my unplanned experiment? was salad back on the menu?
Solution 1
The correct answer is that salad may be back on the menu, yet not immediately, water will move by the method known as osmosis, towards its so called "concentration gradient"  , wherein it will find its way into the lettuce's leaves, which will take time before it could revive the wilted lettuce back to its normal and crisp texture.
Why does texas have such a comparatively large permanent staff of legislative assistants?
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The reason that Texas has such a comparatively large permanent staff of legislative assistants is because of the fact and to be able to achieve the goal of having to employ only the part time legislators and not those that are full time.

When bernadette first left home to attend college, she felt lonely, isolated, and apprehensive about succeeding in her new academic environment. bernadette frequently called her best friend cindy, who was attending college in their home town. cindy was very supportive, empathetic, and reassuring. she is providing bernadette with a type of social support called _____ support?
Solution 1
The answer is emotional support. The capacity to indicate sympathy, empathy, and honest to goodness worry for someone else is the means by which we would characterize this. This is conceived out of genuine, true associations with other individuals. In solid kinships and connections, it is a two-way road; the two individuals in the relationship give and get passionate help uninhibitedly.
You are acting as an expert witness for the first time. because of your lack of experience, you talked with a complete stranger about details concerning the case. later you realized you were not supposed to do that. should you immediately tell it to your attorney or wait until something turns out bad and then come clean
Solution 1
The best and immediate response to the action that you just have committed is to tell and report to your attorney of what you did wrong. Because this will help you to be prepared of the things that may come wrong and to be also be helped by your attorney when things go wrong.
Which musical traditions and practices blended with african traditions to become jazz?
Solution 1
I think they blend because sometimes they start slow, and then get really fast.
Sander believes that people should always be punished for breaking rules set by authority figures. according to kohlberg, sander is operating at the _____ stage of morality.
Solution 1
The correct answer is the conventional stage of morality. 

The conventional stage of morality is characterized by conformity to authority and laws, fixed rules and maintenance of social order. An individual in this stage of morality believes that breaking rules and laws are always wrong and warrant punishment. Since Sander believes that anyone breaking rules set by authority figures should always be punished, even when the rules are not valid and even when special circumstances are factored in, he is operating in the conventional stage of morality as defined by Kohlberg.