The circumference of a circle is approximately 37.7 centimeters. Enter

The circumference of a circle is approximately 37.7 centimeters. Enter the radius of the circle, in centimeters. Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

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Solution 1

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The circumference of the circle is given as 2 \pi  r where  \pi  is a constant whose value is equal to 22/7 and r is the radius of the circle

From the given problem, we have the circumference =37.7

2 \pi  r = 37.7

2*22/7*r = 37.7

r = 37.7*7/(22*2)

r = 263.9/44

r = 5.99

r = 6cm

Radius = 6 centimeters (Rounded to nearest whole number)

Solution 2

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37.7 = 2 x pi x r
18.85 = pi x r
r = 18.85/pi
r = 6

Hope this helps

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Solution 1
I believe it would be 24ft.
Solution 2
Find the radius.

plug in the known numbers

452.39= (3.14)r^2
divide both sides by 3.14

452.39 ÷ 3.14= r^2

144.07= r^2
take the square root of 144.07 and r^2

12 feet= r

multiply radius by 2 to equal diameter

Diameter= Radius * 2
Diameter= 12 feet * 2
Diameter= 24 feet

ANSWER: The diameter would be 24 feet.

Hope this helps! :)
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Answer: 415+d\leq500

Step-by-step explanation:

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I believe that's the inequality since they want to raise a minimum of $500 so that means it can be more than $500. Hope I helped.
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Q = -26

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