The domain of u(x) is the set of all real values except 0 and the domain

The domain of u(x) is the set of all real values except 0 and the domain of v(x) is the set of all real values except 2. What are the restrictions on the domain of (u-v)(x)?

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Answer: x = 2 and x cannot be any value for which v(x) = 0

Step-by-step explanation:

Solution 2

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For domain to work, we would need to find intersection of two domain sets. Because if one input causes one function to be undefined, then combined function would be undefined too.

So then domain of (u-v)(x) would be the set of all real values except 0 and 2.

Hope this helps.

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Solution 1
The midpoint of the line having the endpoints (x_1,y_1) and (x_2,y_2) is (\frac{x_{1}+_x_{2}}{2}, \frac{y_{1}+_y_{2}}{2})
basically average them

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I believe the answer is 10.362
hope this helps

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You have to divide 40 by 8
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Solution 1
Multiplicity is how many times the root (or zero) is repeated

example, in f(x)=a(x-b)^n(x-d)^m... the root b has a multiplicity of n and the root d has a multiplicity of m

first we need to get the roots into f(x)=a(x-b)^n(x-d)^m
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factor the other one
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