What is the actual name of compound-s that is used to treat arthritis?

What is the actual name of compound-s that is used to treat arthritis?

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Reichsteins substance if I remember correctly.

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A wave has a wavelength of 12 mm and a frequency of 6 hertz. What is its speed?
Solution 1
Wavelength = 12mm = 0.012 meter
Frequency = f = 6 Hz
Speed = v = ?

Speed of a wave is the product of its wavelength of Frequence.


Speed = Frequency x Wavelength

v = 6 x 0.012 = 0.072 m/s

Thus, the speed of the wave will be 0.072 meter per second
When placed in water, ice rises to the top of the liquid. unlike most solids that sink when placed in their liquid forms, ice floats because -?
Solution 1
Ice has a lower density than liquid water which is why it floats, it is also why water expands when it freezes.
If 5.6 g of Copper (II) oxide are used, how many moles of copper metal will be produced?
Solution 1
When  copper (ii) oxide  is heated  in presence  of hydrogen gas it  produces  copper metal  and water vapor.
that is 

CuO +  H2 = Cu  + H2O

The moles of  copper metal produced is calculated as below
find the moles of CUO used 

moles = mass/molar mass
=5.6/79.5 =0.07 moles

by use of mole ratio between CUO:Cu which is 1:1 the moles of Cu is also

=0.007 moles of Cu
The primary product of the combustion of sulfur is:
Solution 1
SO2 hfjkglhgdhjrklgwe
How are homologous structures such as forelimbs evidence for evolution ?
Solution 1

The study of the gradual change of an organism over a period of time is called evolution.

What is a homologous organ?

  • Those structures of different species which have the same structure but the different function is called homologous organ.

According to the question, the forelimbs are great evidence of evolution because the forelimbs give the ancestral connection between two species.

For example - the forelimbs of the bat and the human have the same structure but different functions.

Hence, the correct answer is mentioned above.

For more information about the homologous organ, refer to the link:-


Solution 2
Homologous structures are structures that are shared by related species and have been inherited from a common ancestor, indicating evolutionary traits.
According to the following electron structure, how many valence electrons do these fluorine atoms have? F= 1s12s22p5
Solution 1
The highest sequence for this shell is the number 2, preceding both the s and p in the diagram. This means that the outermost shell is the second level shell. In this shell, there are 7 electrons, 2 in the 2s orbital and 5 in the 2p orbital.

As a side note (not sure if this is a typo), the electron structure for fluorine begins with a 1s2, not a 1s1.
In the mid 1930s Enrico Fermi bombarded uranium with thermal neutrons and observed the release of a large amount of energy. This happened because the heavy uranium nucleus split into two lighter nuclei, releasing two or three neutrons along with a large amount of energy. What is this process called?
Solution 1
The correct answer is B) NUCLEAR FISSION 
 fission means to separate or come apart.
 fusion means to fuse together.
Solution 2
This process is known as nuclear fission. It’s what powers nuclear weaponry.

For your information, the sister process is known as fusion, where, logically, two or more atoms are combined to form a heavier one. This is the process that keeps the sun and all other stars running.
Study the following two reactions. Select all that apply. C(graphite) + O2(g) → CO2(g) + 94.05 kcal C(diamond) + O2(g) → CO2(g) + 94.50 kcal What could you infer from the information given above? a The enthalpy of CO2 is greater than the reactants. b E2 - E1 is negative. c Graphite and diamond have equal enthalpy. d Diamond must have lower internal energy.
Solution 1


Option B only


First to all, we have the same reaction in both equations, the difference between the two of them, is the fact one is Carbon in the form of graphite, and the other is carbon in the form of diamond.

Now, both reactions release energy in the form of heat, and it appears in the side of the products, this means that both reactions are exothermic (An exothermic reaction is when energy is released as product in the equation).

If energy is released in the reaction, (Which is enthalpy), this value is negative. As this value is negative, means that the internal energy of CO2 has to be lower than the energy of the reactants, so, option A can be discarted.

If we do E2 - E1:

-94.5 - (-94.05) = -0.45 kcal

Therefore, option B is correct.

As we can see the energy released in both equations, is different for both, so, graphite and diamond do not have equal enthalpy.

Finally, as the combustion of diamond releases more energy that the combustion of graphite (94.5 > 94.05), means that diamond has a higher internal energy than graphite. and Option D can be discarted.

Solution 2
Its B and D

Which of the following is most likely to increase the rate of a reaction? a. reducing the activation energy b. decreasing the temperature c. decreasing the concentration of the reactant in the reaction vessel d. increasing the volume of the reaction vessel
Solution 1

Which of the following is most likely to increase the rate of a reaction?
d. increasing the volume of the reaction vessel

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Which of the following is an acid-base neutralization reaction? NaOH + HCl yields NaCl + H2O 2NaCl + H2SO4 yields Na2 SO4 + 2HCl C6H12O6 + 6O2 yields 6CO2 + 6H2O 2H2 + O2 yields 2H2O
Solution 1
ans is NaOH + HCl yields NaCl + H2O 
as NaOH is a base n HCl is an acid

Solution 2
The following is a neutralization reaction: NaOH + HCl yields NaCl + H2O